This snow bike was specially designed for beginners, handicap and elderly to use. It has 3 skis widely spaced to provide good stability. It also has front and rear suspension for softer ride. The short front ski permits tighter turns, and the 2 rear skis pivot up/down allowing the snow bike to lean and turn at a higher speed. The pivoting rear skis also make it easier to handle the snow bike when stopping on steep slopes. The rear skis are easily removable for easy transporting, and use standard skis with bindings. This way rider can use different length skis, depending on type of snow biking desired. Or they can use their own skis, saving them the cost of new rear skis. The rear skis with bindings are sold separately. This model also comes with foot brakes for added safety and easier control of speed on steeper slopes. And the more advanced riders can lift the front ski and ride on rear skis only. This picture shows a folding frame snow bike that can be transported in the trunk of a car, and a second seat for a child.

Bike comes with a jagged strap footrest, but can be ordered with pedals.  Picture shows solid frame snow bike, but can be ordered with a folding frame for easier transport in the trunk.




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Snow Bike Only, Snow Bike w/ Rear Skis and Bindings

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