Learn to Ride

Learning how to ride a snow bike is simple. Many people already know how to ride a bicycle, and are able to transfer over those skills. Unlike in skiing or snowboarding, a person is lower to the ground which allows them to control their turns better and fall less. Snow bikes are also safer. Being in a seated position keeps the strain off of a person’s knees/legs, and is less taxing on the body. At first we teach riders the operation of our snow bikes, and how to get on and off the lift. Then we show them how to slow and stop themselves by digging their feet in the snow. Once they are comfortable using their feet, we teach them to use the built in brakes and begin showing them how to turn. After the rider has shown the ability to turn and brake, we introduce them to carving and side sliding. Carving uses turns to slow down and control the bike’s speed, while side sliding uses snow plowing to slow and stop the bike. Once these skills are learned, foot brakes are no longer necessary, and the person can ride sitting or standing. Additional skill-sets include rear ski riding, skid turning/stopping, jumping, riding over moguls, and tandem biking with a friend or child.

Instructional Videos



Beginner with Snow Blades