About B.Sane Snow Bikes

snowbike-company-coloradoHello my name is Simon Bassein, founder of B.Sane Snow Bikes. I am a professional engineer who has been skiing and snowboarding for the past 40 years. I originally designed it for my disabled son to ride down the mountain, but it turned out to be so easy and fun that I decided to dedicate my life to it. My mission is to provide new and different ways to have fun in the snow besides skiing and snowboarding. Learning how to ski or snowboard is a long process that involves a lot of falling and bruising. It becomes even harder to learn as one gets older, or has a physical disability. I wanted everyone to enjoy the thrill of riding down the slopes regardless of one’s age, skill, or ability. We strive to provide the best quality products that can be customized to individual needs, and treat everyone with respect. I believe snow biking will become the new winter sport.

This year we set up a mobile rental in South Lake Tahoe for all to try. Our snow bikes can be picked up or delivered to the resorts by prior arrangement (No same day service). We accompany first time riders on the mountain, to teach them how to get on and off the lift, ride, and stop our snow bikes